Waimarino Kayak Tours- Guided or Unguided Wairoa River Tour

Guided or Unguided?

The Wairoa River Tour is a very relaxing and peaceful tour that can be offered guided or unguided depending on your experience and ability.

On this tour experience beautiful scenery and array for wildlife as you enjoy a gentle paddle down the Wairoa River.

On the unguided tour you have the freedom to bring along a picnic and stop along the way to take in the serenity. Paddle at your own pace and enjoy this relaxing adventure. For the unguided option we do require you to be confident kayakers that have been paddling before, we ensure the tide will be flowing with you and not against you so that you can enjoy your journey.

After a more structured option, with a knowledgeable guide to teach you about the area, assist you with your paddling technique, and provide you with entertainment then the guided tour is the one for you!


The Wairoa River

The river is a tidal river this means that is affected by the seas changing tides, and this will affect the way that the river flows throughout the day. It is great to feel as though you are paddling backwards, so unless you are after some resistance training we will always suggest a tour time that keeps the tides in your favour for duration of your tour.



Wairoa River Tour Guided or Unguided

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